PRP Therapy in Delhi

Prp Therapy for hair loss in Delhi

Males and females tend to lose their hair because of hormonal changes in the body that are prompted at a certain age (different, reliant on genetics). The difference is instigated by the individuals’ metabolism of androgen in the body that results in hair loss. Androgen is the male hormone that is imperative in both, hair loss and hair re-growth. It is inevitable that with maturing age, a pronounced number of us, both males and females, will witness some hair loss at least. However, many of us combat with it instead of accepting this gloomy fact of life amiably. Luckily, today we no longer seem to be fighting a losing battle: the success of PRP therapy in Delhi for hair loss means that individuals who are not completely bald can successfully recoup much of their past hirsute splendor. At Tvak Laser Clinic, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, we offer affordable PRP therapy cost and quality treatments to our patients. PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is a radical way to stimulate natural hair growth. This non-surgical way of hair restoration treatment is to arouse active growth of implanted and inactive hair follicles as PRP therapy has many hair growth factors that helps in effective hair development.

What is PRP?

A noteworthy and most effective treatment for hair loss is PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma treatment. It is done by expert PRP specialists. In this procedure, patients’ own blood is taken out from their body and the doctor spin it in a centrifuge for segregating plasma from other constituents of the blood. After this, the Platelet Rich Plasma is vaccinated into the scalp. This is done by following a specific mode or method.

What is the effectiveness of this treatment for hair loss?

This miraculous treatment is very much effective for people who have not developed bald blots and their hair roots are still alive. PRP hair treatment is a process that revitalizes the hair roots. Your hair growth will be stimulated to make your hair stronger and thicker through certain growth factors of PRP. If you have lost the sheen of your hair and have tried using many alternative treatments but didn’t get the results, you can opt for PRP therapy once to witness the beyond-belief effects. If your hair roots are active on your scalp, PRP is an incredible helping hand for your severe conditions.

What are the major advantages of PRP?

For all males and females who are suffering from severe hair loss, PRP can act like a boon. What’s more, the PRP therapy encourages the healing process of the hair and also improves the hair growth cycle. Platelet Rich Plasma is a non-surgical procedure that isn’t has any side-effects. Any detrimental effects are not perceived when the treatment is done under the supervision of a proficient and skilled doctor. There are a lot of patients who get pleasing outcomes in only a single sitting. Also, there are some patients who need more than one sitting to be thoroughly healed.

How is PRP therapy performed?

For performing PRP therapy, there are essentially 3 stages. At first, a pre-decided quantity of blood i.e. between 60-100ml is drawn out from the patient’s body and is centrifuged. The portion that holds the maximum platelets and growth factors is then segregated and kept aside. The platelet rich portion might be separated and one part lysed to release more growth factors. It is then joined with the other whole-platelet factor. This offers great levels of every factor necessary for healing and healthy hair growth. The factors are used by the stimulated cells and hair follicles.

PRP Treatment for hair loss is suitable in which conditions?

At Tvak Laser Clinic, PRP treatment in Delhi works best on those having diffuse thinning and reduced hair and is apt for both males and females. It is good for people as it guarantees healthier and quicker growth of transplanted hair and also offers strength to the exiting hair. PRP works wonder on female hair loss pattern as they tend to lose hair on huge scale. Thus, PRP therapy is a superb and most effective alternative to hair transplant surgery.

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